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3 basic factors to know in choosing an EMT School

There are many different factors that one should consider when choosing an EMT school. In all the factors, one thing remains constant, and that is you want to make the right choice in which school to choose.  The first of many things you need to decide about is the type of certification you are wishing to choose. Classifications and certifications vary from state to state, so it is really important to research carefully what type you are looking for. This decision will affect the cost and duration of your training and also your future pay rate. When you decide on the type of program you are looking to pursue you can narrow down your search based on many important factors such as cost, reputation and location. A few additional factors to consider when choosing an EMT school are listed below.

# 1 Type of Emergency Medical Service Personnel

There are many different types of people in the Emergency Medical training field. Some work within a private sector such as a health care provider, a bus driver, or outdoor leaders. Some also work within the county or state level in ambulances, and hospitals. Each of these types of trainings varies on the focus of the level of education, number of hours required for completing your training and the course. If you wish to become an EMT it is required to receive state specific certification. There are a few different levels to EMT personnel training and certification which include:

  • First responder
  • EMT Basic
  • EMT Intermediate
  • Paramedic

#2 State to State Specific EMT Certification and Training

Choosing an EMT School depends on which state you would like to work in. Each state has different licensing requirements. The National Registry of EMTs or NREMT provides you with National EMT verification but obtaining this does not guarantee your state licensing. You must become familiar with your states EMT certification levels. Each state recognizes only certain education providers. An EMT license is typically state specific, but each county within the particular state can operate a different type of EMT personnel.

# 3 Emergency Medical services training in general

If you are interested in going through emergency services training but not quite ready to take the step to become an EMT there are a variety of generically first aide certifications you can receive. Those include

  • First Response Primary Care or CPT
  • Secondary Care or First aid
  • Automated External De-fibrillation
  • Care for children

In addition some further training courses for EMT certification includes the following:

Advanced Medical Support: This is around a 16 hour program which helps to approach patient assessment. It will include airway management, respiratory failure, chest pain, and abdominal pain.

When it comes to making a decision on choosing an EMT school it can be an overwhelming experience. But once you have done your research in determining the best school for you, you will be glad you did.


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